Patched OpenStack Security Bug

  • 25th August 2020
We're writing to update you on the recently disclosed CVE-2020-17376. This is an OpenStack bug which can result in instances attaching the wrong device, after a soft reboot, if they have been live migrated. As a VEXXHOST public cloud user, you have nothing to worry about and can rest assured that the bug does not affect you. Our clouds are ...
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Kubernetes v1.18 Update

  • 1st May 2020
VEXXHOST is excited to announce the latest update to their Kubernetes offering, introducing the Kubernetes v1.18 update for 2020. Kubernetes v1.18 is the first update to Kubernetes in 2020. This version features a total of 38 enhancements, meaning that more upgrades and updates are available to users. Moreover, this fit and finish release works to ...
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Introducing new CI tool: Launch of Fully Managed Zuul Solution

  • 27th September 2019
VEXXHOST is excited to announce the launch of our fully managed Zuul solution, one of the first to reach the market. This offering is available not only to VEXXHOST’s public and private cloud users but also to any organization that wants to take advantage of this effective project gating, CI tool through consuming this software-as-a-service ...
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Reduced Storage Prices

  • 28th June 2019
VEXXHOST is excited to announce that we have reduced our pricing for both our solid-state drive storage and hard disk drive storage! For our solid-state drive storage, users will benefit from a $0.35 price drop as it is now only $0.15 per gigabyte, per month. While our hard disk drive storage has dropped down from $0.12 to $0.02 per gigabyte, per ...
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