VEXXHOST announced the launch of its latest cloud offering: enterprise-grade GPU instances on OpenStack® based public, private and hybrid cloud. The Canadian cloud provider is proud to be at the forefront of its industry with this latest addition to their evolving offering.

The new GPU offering will include new instance types and flavours to fit the market demand for high-performance cloud computing. The new instance types will include up to 245,760 GB of RAM. VEXXHOST new GPU instances use enterprise-grade NVIDIA Tesla K80 accelerators. Each GPU provides 12 GiB of memory (accessible via 240 GB/second of memory bandwidth), and 2,496 parallel processing cores. In order to deliver unparalleled speed, and differentiate itself as an industry leader, the hardware also includes PCI Express NVMe SSD local storage making this already powerful solution, incredibly fast and performant. Another important note is that the company does not oversell GPU and CPU within those instances. GPUs and CPUs are fully dedicated. The new instance types are powered by OpenStack’s latest release, Rocky.

“The whole point of software-defined infrastructure is to enable the rapid evolution to meet the demands of new cloud workloads, and VEXXHOST’s GPU-enabled OpenStack Cloud is a perfect example of this trend in action” Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack Foundation.

Which workloads benefit from GPU instances?

The new instance type will empower users working with compute-intensive and high-performance computing (HPC) applications to increase productivity and reduce costs. With datasets increasing at high speeds in technology sectors like AI, machine learning, blockchain and big data, enterprises can benefit greatly from powerful GPU cloud instances.

Enterprises in industries that use supercomputers stand to benefit most from GPU instances. Through the increased level of performance offered by GPUs, where data can be massively parallel processed, companies have the opportunity to lower their infrastructure costs as the time required to process data is dramatically reduced. The ability to process more data, quicker is highly beneficial for those in the Blockchain and big data industries, where time is one of their most valuable assets. GPUs also offer advantages where AI and machine learning is concerned as they permit the stored data to be accessed quickly, whenever necessary.

“An expansion of this nature is in high-demand and VEXXHOST is thrilled to be providing the most relevant and progressive options to its client base,” stated VEXXHOST CEO, Mohammed Naser.

Monday, November 12, 2018

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