Introducing IPv6 in Santa Clara Region

  • 17th June 2019
The VEXXHOST team is excited to announce that we have tested and deployed IPv6 on our Santa Clara region public cloud infrastructure, officially resulting in all of our regions running IPv6. Now, each of VEXXHOST’s servers across our entire infrastructure, through the use of stateless auto-configuration, is automatically designated with an IPv6 ...
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Running OpenStack Stein On Day One Of The Release

  • 17th May 2019
The VEXXHOST team is thrilled to announce that we are currently running Stein, OpenStack’s latest and 19th official release. Last year, we were the first company to have OpenStack’s Rocky release up and running, impressively deploying it on the same day it was launched. VEXXHOST is proud to say that this release is no different, with this ...
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Announcing Enterprise-Grade GPU Instances

  • 12th November 2018
VEXXHOST announced the launch of its latest cloud offering: enterprise-grade GPU instances on OpenStack® based public, private and hybrid cloud. The Canadian cloud provider is proud to be at the forefront of its industry with this latest addition to their evolving offering. The new GPU offering will include new instance types and flavours to fit ...
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VEXXHOST Uses Power of Arm-based VM & OpenStack

  • 12th September 2018
VEXXHOST, in collaboration with Arm, announced plans to offer commercially available Arm®-based virtual machines with OpenStack® API access. This architecture, which is exclusively offered at VEXXHOST, allows the Canadian cloud provider to give users access to virtualized 64-bit Arm hardware using existing OpenStack based public, private, and ...
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