What's the difference between sjc1 and ca-ymq-1 in my cloud console? Print

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Did you log in to your cloud console and noticed on the left side a choice between sjc1 and ca-ymq-1? No worries, we're here to explain the different! 

Both sjc1 and ca-ymq-1 are only regions for your public cloud. 

The sjc1 is our Santa Clara region! This region in Santa Clara, California data center will bring the same pristine standards of data security and storage to the United States, including a secure SSAE-16 facility which has undergone SOC Type 2 audit. The Silicon Valley region is also equipped with nested virtualization, 40Gbit internal networking for high throughput and low latency, optimal for processing big data, and 10Gbit public internet connection. This region is currently running the latest release of OpenStack! 

The ca-ymq-1 is our Montreal region! Given that we are proud to be Canadian, VEXXHOST has two data centre regions within Quebec, Canada. One located in Montreal and the other located off-island to ensure accessibility and redundancy in case of disaster situations. Both of our data centres undergo yearly SOC Type 2 audits and have security staff on site 24/7/365. They also feature dual-factor authentication through either biometric or physical access controls, as well as continuous monitoring via HD security cameras. Additionally, our data center infrastructures are incredibly power efficient, making them some of the greenest data centers in the world. Given that our data centers are located in Canada, all of your data is protected by Canadian privacy laws which are among some of the highest in standard worldwide, enabling Canada to be one of the few countries able to work with the European Union.

If you'd like to know more about these regions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team! 

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